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Welcome to http://hlim.sourceforge.net/

This is an ugly page, yes, but I've been too busy coding to even thing about doing a pretty web page.

Project News

Version 0.3.0 is out now, and it's the head of a stable, bug-fix only branch. I have some vacation coming up, so I've decided to yield to peer pressure and add a secondary focus to HLIM. Instead of being the Home Library Information Manager, after the 0.3 branch, HLIM will be the Home Library and Inventory Manager. Fortunately, so much code is reused that you shouldn't see this as a significant change if all you want to manage is books.

Where it's going

If you like HLIM, or especially if you don't but it fills a need you have, we need you. Go to the Open Discussion forum and join in on the discussion.

Where to go

The project page is at http://sourceforge.net/projects/hlim and you can get the current release(s) here

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